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How do I register at www.sleepaa.com?

  • Benefits of website registration

From your account you can manage your orders and invoices. You can save several delivery addresses; home, work, grandparents.

Another advantage is that you will be able to create a wish list by clicking in the Little heart icon next to the button “Add to my Wish list” in each product.

  • Forgot your password? follow these steps:

In the upper left corner you will find “Your Account”; sign-in and in the column “Already registered?” click “I forgot my password”, type the email you used and automatically we will send you an email; go to your inbox, enter our email and click “Reset Password”; you will automatically receive another email with your new password to access www.sleepaa.com

  • How do I change my password?

Once you are signed in with the received password, you ill get into “My account”, click in “My personal info” and go to the tab “New password” and type it there.

  • How do I change my personal info?

If you wish to change your phone, email, name or manage your addresses go to the left upper corner of the page and click “My account” there you will find your orders history, addresses, personal info and your wish list. Enter “My personal info” or “My addresses” to modify your data.

  • I am not receiving your emails

Check your Spam file in your mail account, they mat be going there. If they are not there, please contact us so we can solve the problem.


  • How can I track my order?

Once we had received your order’s payment, we will start preparing it in our warehouse. Once it is ready to be shipped we will change the order status into “On the way” and you will receive a new email reporting the shipment of your order; you will receive it in approx. 72h.

To track you order, enter My account in the upper left corner, and click “My orders” There you will see all of your orders and download your invoices, and check their status.

  • What happens if I haven’t received my order?

If you have not received your orderafter 72h after the reception of our confirmation email, you can contact us via email contacto@sleepaa.com or via WhatsApp al +34 672 719 013. We will contact our logistic partner with the tracking number of your order to set the delivery;

  • My order is a gift; will you send the invoice in the order?

We don’t send a paper invoice with the order, you can download it in your account, inside “My orders”


  • Can I ship my order to a different address?

Yes. If your want to send an order as a gift you just have to add that delivery address; go to “My account” in the upper left side of the webpage and select “My addresses”. There you can manage your addresses adding as many as you want. Make sure you include a reference name of the person who is going to receive the order. After that you can place your order and choose the delivery address you have created.

  • Having troubles placing an order?

If you are navigating our website and an error occurs, you are not able to add or remove products in your cart, or you had problems during the payment process; please contact us; +34 672 719 013 - contacto@sleepaa.com

  • If want a product but it says “out of stock”

If you are interested in an “out-of stock” product, you can email us to check its availability (contacto@sleepaa.com). Sometimes it is an error, so please don’t hesitate to ask us!

  • What happens if there is no one at home during the delivery?

Our logistic partner, will keep you order in their warehouse for several days; if after that period they have not been able to complete the delivery, it will be brought back to us. If in their first try there is no one at home, they will try it again the following day. If you wish to pick it up at available picking points, you can contact us- +34 672 719 013- contacto@sleepaa.com, to arrange it.

*A delivery is considered to be completed when we are reported on the reception of the order by the client, based on the control system of the logistic partner. It is the recipient’s task to review the order at the moment of the reception and then proceed to any claim the customer may have as long as it is justified; moreover, the client has the possibility to reject the delivery if damages on the package were observed (the package seems to be opened or damaged).


  • Are taxes included in the prices? Yes, all taxes are included in the price you see.

  • What payment types do you accept?

  1. Mastercard or Visa
  2. PayPal: When selecting PayPal as a payment method during the placement of your order, you will be redirected to the paypal session page to confirm your purchase; once confirmed, you will be redirected to the SleepAA order page.
  3. Bank transfer: To speed up the order, you can do a transfer from your bank into our account, send the bank receipt of your payment to contacto@sleepaa.com

*For security reasons, all received transactions are encoded.

**Your personal data is secure with us. All the information is encoded to guarantee confidential data security. You can consult our Privacy policy

  • I have a promo code; how do I use it?

Go to your cart, after filling in your data and payment method, after the products you are purchasing you will find a field called “DISCOUNT”, type your promo code and click “ADD” so that it is applied in the final amount. If you find troubles doing so, pleas contact us.

  • My promo code does not seem to be working; a message says “Disabled"

Some promo codes have an expiration date; it depends on the promo. However, it can also be an error and your code may fail even if the promotion is still on; if it is so, please contact us

  • I have received a promo code, but it is not working

Sometimes you can receive a promo code and it doesn’t work; it may be caused by different reasons; 1. Because there is a bug in its configuration, in that case contact us so we can fix. 2. Because you shouldn’t have received it in the first place because it has expired. We are available to solve all of your doubts.


  • Tell me more about shipping options;

If you choose Mondial Relay with a pick-up point (4-5 business days): 7.65 £

If you choose Seur: 3-4 days (3-4 business days): 12.75 £


  • Do you accept returns or Exchanges?

Yes, if your article is damaged, contact us to arrange the exchange, we will pick the article up and send you a good-condition new article with no further costs.  

  • I don't like a product; can I return it?

Yes, you can return it if you don’t like it within 14 days of order’s delivery.

  • Warranties

Within 14 days of order´s delivery.

  • How do I place a return?

If you deicide to return a product, call us (+34 672 719 013) to report on your return; after that you will need to send the order in its original packaging to the following address; FAO Insistir Persistir Resistir S.L. Avenida Doctor Fleming 24 Elda, Alicante 03600

You can arrange the return of the order by contacting a logistic Company yourself, but if you prefer we can do it for you. If we do so, we will discount this service from the refund of your order’s amount (unless your return is due to a product’s damage, in which case this service is free for you).

  • Where should I send a return?

You can return your order in the following address; FAO Insistir Persistir Resistir S.L. Avenida Doctor Fleming 24 Elda, Alicante 03600

*You will be the only responsible if the merchandise value is diminished as a result of a mishandle that may have damaged the product’s original nature, attributes or purpose.

*Claims should be addressed to SLEEPAA via email contacto@sleepaa.com



  • How to find special sales?

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